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Here’s what some of our Austin, TX customers are saying about us:

I recently got into an automobile accident which left my brand new 2013 Mazda 3 front end damaged. The other person was at fault since he backed up into me. After researching for hours on the internet for a high quality body shop in Austin, TX I decided to let these guys do the repairs. It was highly recommended word of mouth from a trusted friend. It can be a very stressful time when and although my first thoughts were to bring it to a bigger more well known body shop I realized that most body shops in the area are more like factories with extreme mixed reviews some good and some really bad written in long detail. Many shops has some "dirt" on them but I couldn't really find anything on these guys. In addition, I saw a couple of 2013 best Austin body shop reviews that they appeared in. Also,I wanted a place that wasn't biased towards the insurance company and had more interest in customer service. I brought the car in and spoke with Eddie. I wanted to make sure that my car was going to be done correctly and to the best realistic post-accident condition possible. Eddie was honest with me and told me that all the factors involved in ensuring getting my car with high quality parts and high quality workmanship. I had a loaner vehicle and dropped off my car. I wanted it done right so i told him to take as much time needed. They quoted me a certain time for the repair work and they delivered as said. Eddie was my point of contact and I called a few times to check in on the and update the status. When I got my car back it was like new again. They even did some extra work and detailed the car. I was very pleased with the quality of work they offered. I would highly recommend this auto shop to anyone especially friends or family. Great job Eddie and the body shop guys!!!

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Top quality work, prompt service, very reasonable pricing. The staff actively works with you to help you get the best deal on car repairs. Upfront on all costs, does not "hide" costs that other mechanic shops may do. Knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, very professional. I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family.

LILY AUNGGoogle Review

Incredible service and body work! I recently took my Nissan Altima in for repairs after another driver backed into my rear door while parked. The at-fault driver's insurance company originally estimated the cost of repairs and time to do the work very low, but Eddie took all the hassle out of dealing with the insurance company to get the additional money and time to make sure the repairs were done right and even extend the rental until my car was completely finished. The crew at Qualitek did an amazing job with the door and even touched up a few minor scratches and dings at no extra cost to me. My car came back looking better than it had in years. I'll definitely be back, and would recommend this place to anyone looking for first-class body work and customer service.

Scott LarrickGoogle Review

I went in for an estimate, and the guy who helped me was great: friendly, gave me some do's and don't tips, and told me how to manage my insurance company to insure I got a rental car since they were trying to wait another week to put me in a car. Great guy, fair quote, but I decided to have my work done at a place close to my house, which ended up being a mistake.

Noah JonesGoogle Review

Eddie looked at my car, made an honest evaluation, and explained my options and associated costs. I was having a car door repaired where someone had kicked in and damaged the door in the middle of the panel. I had heard from friends who have had work done at other auto body shops about their horror stories and about mismatched paint and poor work. I couldn't be happier with the work done on my vehicle. When I picked it up, I looked it up and down, because I'm meticulous about surveying work done for me. It was as if no damage had been done to my Audi in the first place and the paint job was a perfect match. No one would ever know that I had damage done to my car. That's the sign of quality work!

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Six months ago I took my car here because of all of the excellent reviews. It has in bad shape after being creamed at high speed in the front left quarter panel and I was pretty sure that there was going to be significant structural damage and it would never drive smoothly again. After Qualitek finished with it, my car in better shape than it had been in before the accident. I waited to write this review because I wanted to see if the repairs were going to hold up over time. Six months later my car still drives smoothly and you would never know that back in December it had to be scraped off of the road. Eddie did a great job of obtaining the best parts possible despite having to battle a cheap insurance company. I never felt that I was being taken advantage of and every time I get in my car I am impressed at how well they did and how professional and pleasant Eddie was.

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Thanks to everyone who wrote a review and got these guys listed as the best in Austin. Used others in the past and were a nightmare! These guys did an amazing job on our truck,the color match was awesome....the over all experience...Easy!

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56+ positive reviews says it all. Mr Salazar the owner, is a simple, humble man, who really does look after the customer and perfection in their work. I had my Saab fixed for scratches, bumper scuffs with Austin Paint Guy, quick fix, but took several trips to make it right. They didnt cover the car and oversprayed it, so it was a big mess. I took my car to Qualitek to have some body work done, install new pieces, and asked him to fix the overspray. After it was all said and done, the new pieces looked better than the original factory paint (which is in very good condition). After they buffed and cleaned the car of the overspray, the car felt like silk. They gave me a bottle of the exact mix of metallic paint to touch up in case of chips. He even drove me home from his south austin shop to cedar park. Now that's going the extra mile. After all was said and done, the job was miles ahead of what the "dealership's body shop" (Beasley Collission, horrible place) had quoted and done. This is the old fashioned type of service that no longer exist and Javier, Eddie and the rest of his staff are excellent and treat their customers like royalty. Dont even look for body shops, take your car to Qualitek and you'll have your car back in better shape than when it left the showroom floor. Businesses should all be like this one. Gracias Don Javier por el excelente servicio.

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My son had a little parking lot mishap and damaged the bumper & fender on his Mustang. There was no structural damage, just cosmetic dents, dings & scratches. Other shops wanted to replace everything and charge big $$$$$. Javier said he could repair the damage for much less. I was a bit skeptical, especially since the bumper was accordioned pretty bad, but with glowing reviews on-line I thought I'd give him a try... after getting the car back I can say I'm glad I did!! The repairs are 100% top notch - can't tell it was ever damaged. Plus, he fixed 2 other unrelated dings on the bumper and fender (my son is 16 - ugh!) and still honored the original estimate. Finally, the car has vinyl stripes & I was planning to have the bumper restriped myself. Javier asked me who I used for stripes (FYI, Tony at Eurostripes) and then offered to work with Tony directly so he could deliver the car complete - without the typical "handling fees" charged by most shops! Best experience I've ever had with a body shop.

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These guys ROCK!! I don't usually write reviews, as there is so much average or below average service out there. I WAS ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED with Qualitek. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND my expectations. It is rare to see a business that still takes pride in their work, and does it with integrity. Javier (the owner) is one of the nicest guys you'll meet, and I have made a friend after they fixed my truck. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND these guys for whatever your body or frame repair needs are. I have seen them perform major surgery on a Toyota supra, and fix it like nothing ever happened to it. I can't say enough good things about these guys. If they can save you a couple of bucks they will. They will not cut corners though, and I respect the hell out of that. If you want cheap crap save yourself a trip, and go to Econo Paint, or Maaco. These guys are the most experienced, best priced body shop I have ever used. They even touched up a few scratches and buffed out my truck when it wasn't even part of the insurance quote. ABOVE AND BEYOND, is the best way I can describe them. Family business. Top notch work. Trustworthy. Reasonable prices. They made my 12 year old truck look like BRAND NEW. I still look at it and smile. You will NOT be disappointed.

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Wow! The car looks great. The car was finished ahead of schedule. They not only fixed my car, they also got a tire patched and replaced and got the car inspected. I always dealt with someone who was extreamly nice and told me all costs up front with no surprises. Cost was exactly what it should have been. EVERYBODY who needs body work should go here.

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They did work on my black Saab. Got the ding out at a very fair price, work done on time, very courteous, took care of some extraneous issues for me, car returned clean. very easy going and professional. recommend highly. the work was excellent. B

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These guys did great work repairing my car after an accident. They worked with me and my insurance company to make sure I got the best parts for my car and helped me out with my deductible. The owner, Eddie, was very nice and courteous. I was extremely impressed with this body shop.

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We've had a rough few months with our vehicles...3 visits to Qualitek and each time they have given me excellent service. I will not use any other shop!

Chris N.Yelp Review

I highly recommend this shop! I brought my vehicle in to have my bumper fixed and they went above and beyond. Eddie was very kind and helpful. They also had my vehicle ready in a very short amount of time. Should I need to, I'll definitely return.

Nadia R.Yelp Review

Beautiful job and great customer service. The work on my 98 Ford F150 turned out super nice. Javier, the owner and Eddie the shop manger made sure I was pleased. I would highly recommend. Joe

Joe S.Yelp Review

I was spending several hours everyday for weeks to find the best Auto Mechanic. I have used big auto body shops and they will do a good job but their estimates are sky high. They do good job if you pay 1.5 times or twice the price of small local auto body shops. I am an extremely picky person. I do not like average or above average quality work. I have high standards when it comes to my car. I only choose the best quality work.

Fortunately, I read several reviews and decided to go with Qualitek Auto Body (located at 8530 South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78745, 512-292-8014). These guys ROCK!! I don't usually write reviews, as there is so much average or below average service out there. I WAS ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED with Qualitek. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND my expectations. It is rare to see a business that still takes pride in their work, and does it with integrity. Javier (the owner) is one of the nicest guys you'll meet, and I have made a friend after they fixed my truck. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND these guys for whatever your body or frame repair needs are.

They did body work on my Toyota Prius about 3 months ago. I took my car to Javier who is actually the owner of Qualitek Auto Body. He gave me a very fair price. The quality of work was superior and price was very reasonable. He saved my money. They went the extra mile to make it perfect. They did my car's front bumper, hood and rear bumper. The price was extremely reasonable and quality was top notch for sure. The staff is professional and go far out of their way to be helpful. They coordinate very well with our insurance company and communicate efficiently and timely with their customers. Their work is second to none in Austin and they work very hard for it.

Narendra P.Yelp Review

The crew at Qualitek never seem to disappoint. Ask for Eddie Cruz the shop manager, he will take good care of you! This is the 2nd vehicle in the family they have worked on for us. My vehicle looks as good as if not better now that they have done the repairs. Great customer service, keeps you in the loop and amazing prices. Call these guys you will not be disappointed.

John D.Yelp Review

My mom n I have been coming here since we moved out here from Cali. The best body shop in Austin if u ask me. Always great customer service especially from Eddie. If ur looking for a reliable body shop that will do things right the first time, I highly recommend this shop.

Grace B.Yelp Review

These guys are fantastic. My mom got hit recently and we took the car there. Even though we wound up not using their services (car was totaled and will be going to salvage), Eddie and crew have been nothing but kind, helpful, and generous to her, going out of their way for free to help her through insurance and other issues.

Hard to find genuinely good folks like this so I'd highly recommend them.

Jason F.Yelp Review

I recently picked up my vehicle that had just been repaired by Qualitek after being involved in a Hit n' Run accident. Eddie was very helpful with dealing with car insurance company. My car looks brand new and they even cleaned the interior for me. Hopefully I will not have to use his services again but if I ever need any auto body work again I will definitely use Qualitek.

Noël K.Yelp Review

I highly recommend this place. Javier worked with me to save me as much money as possible since I was paying out of pocket. They did a top notch job on my Mazda Protege. The front fender was ripped off by a car wash brush and the hood hadn't closed properly for years. Its like I have a real car again! Take your car here and avoid getting ripped off!

Matthew W.Yelp Review

I'm new to Austin and have had to use Qualitek 2 times. Both times they took good care of me. I highly recommend this shop for body repairs.

Chris N.Yelp Review

I would give Eddie and his team 10 stars if I could. They have worked on my car a few times now, and each time the car has left his shop looking brand new. Most recently, I had an accident that required work on the car and the other driver's insurance was a non reputable and difficult company to deal with. Eddie helped me through the process and returned my car back in pristine condition, with the added bonus of cleaning it inside and out! Another advantage was being able to drop the replacement rental right at the shop rather than dealing with returning it to the rental agency. After this experience, Qualitek will be my first and only choice.

A T.Yelp Review

Qualitek is great! My car needed a new rear bumper and some work on the front bumper. The work is awesome - I have no complaints. Eddie, the shop manager, was professional, polite, and even helped me navigate my auto insurance. I will definitely return to Qualitek and I highly recommend then to others.

Karen J.Yelp Review

I have used Qualiek Body Shop on several occasions and they always go above and beyond on repairing my vehicles. Recently my wife's car got bumped in a parking lot. Not only did they fix the back of the car but also detailed and buffed out the plastic headlight lenses. They are true professionals...

Allen D.Yelp Review

Qualitek is great! My car needed a new rear bumper and some work on the front bumper. The work is awesome. Eddie, the shop manager, was professional, polite, and even helped me navigate my auto insurance as well. I will definitely return to Qualitek and I highly recommend it to others.

KarenJ317YellowPages Review

I took my vehicle to Qualitek BodyShop. Eddie was very polite and helpful. He took care all everything, calling the insurance and dealing with any paperwork that needed to be handled. I was amazed wtih the outcome my vehilce looks new!!! I recommend this body shop to anyone who needs body work on their vehicle!!! Thank you Eddie!!

Job well done!!!

MaribelR884YellowPages Review

I have taken all my automoblies to Qualitek for the past seven years and have always had the best repairs money can buy. Eddie and Javier have worked with the insurance companys on my behalf and saved me time and money. They are always a pleasure to work with and I know they provide the best service.

Rusty ThornellYellowPages Review

I hit a deer at 55 mph. My car won the exchange...barely. I was highly recommended to take my badly damaged Acura MDX to Qualitek. My car now looks better than before, in fact as good as new! When my insurance company resisted covering one area of damage, Qualitek fought to get them to pay up and won. I wholeheartedly recommend this shop. Javier & Eddie and the whole crew are top notch.


tjadkinsYellowPages Review

These guys did great work repairing my car after an accident. They worked with me and my insurance company to make sure I got the best parts for my car and helped me out with my deductible.

The owner, Eddie, was very nice and courteous.
I was extremely impressed with this body shop and would highly recommend it to anyone reading this review.

audyYellowPages Review

My driver side door did not want to open. It was impossible to get into my door to get it fixed but the guys at Qualitek took care of it and got it handled. They were honest about how to fix the problem and took care of the door in a timely manner. I was surprised at how good the price was for parts and labor. They went above and beyond with their customer service to get me back on the road safely. I highly recommend them.

krow thosYellowPages Review

I was involved in minor accident and ended up with what looked like major repairs! Not knowing where exactly to start, I searched auto body repair shops in my area. I chose Qualitex based on reviews. I called and spoke to Javier just before closing time. He offered to wait an hour until I could get there! I dropped the car off with nothing but a claim number from my insurance company and the key. Javier and the rest of the staff were professional and made the entire experience worry and hassle free. They took care of everything! A week later, my car was like brand new again! We were so pleased with the service, we took our truck in for minor dent repair and a new bed liner; great price, great turn around and another great experience!

Jessica GrimesYellowPages Review

The whole driver side of my truck was damaged in a accident. I selected QualiTek based on the reviews, they didn?t appear to have any negative ones. The truck looked brand new when I got it back. The paint job was flawless. I spend a good hour trying to find a flaw because I?m very picky, but I never found anything and there was no signs that it was ever damaged. I didn?t think it was even possible, but the paint job looked like it came from the factory. This was definitely the best paint job I?ve seen in my life time. The guys are easy to work with and very professional. They take pride in their work which is hard to find. The owners personally inspect the car before it is returned. Now I know why they don?t have any negative reviews. Definitely deserves a five star rating.

BryanjjYellowPages Review

we picked up our car yesterday. the work was excelent and the owner / manager was wonderful to work with. He called when promised and we highly recommend his work. wonderful job

Alice LopezYellowPages Review

Having an auto accident is never something we look forward to. But on two occasions I have taken my vehicles to Qualitek. My car looked like new when they were done. Not only did they do the job in a timely manner. They also did some extras. I recomend Qualitek to all my clients and friends..

merchant716149YellowPages Review

I took the car there for a paint job.the car looked great,and they finished it when they said they would.I would go back to them for any repair.Highly reccomended

gene vincentYellowPages Review

I brought my car in for a repair on my car truck because it would not close and It literally took them 5 minutes to fix it. Unlikely some of the auto shops in town, they would not overcharge on a service even though Im a girl, and this time they did not even bother to charge. They have great break room plus friendly and honest people, there's nothing much I can ask for.

LynnRandallsYellowPages Review

Took my car in to get the bumper fixed, it took them less than one day! The owner is very pleasant and nice and is looking for the customers best interest. I loved the service and the results are great!! I highly recomend these guys for all your collision repairs!!!

deemz0YellowPages Review

The owner inspects every job and WILL NOT send a job out until it reaches the highest standards. His work is flawless, better than the factory. If you plan on keeping your car, I strongly recommend QUALITEK AUTO BODY.

Mike SoYellowPages Review

I am not used to giving glowing reviews to anybody, for anything. But there are always exceptions to the rule.

I brought my practically mint Mercedes S-class to Javier and Eddie after a Geico client pushed his Honda into the right side of my car doing a stupid move in traffic. I didn't trust any other shop Geico was going to send me. Their online ratings sucked, so I opted to take a chance and visit Qualitek. They were rated highly on City Search, and I was impressed by the relaxed atmosphere, and seeing great work at their shop, I decided to let them do the job.

Rarely does anyone deserve 5 stars...after seeing my Benz the following week, Qualitek deserves 10! Amazing work, with Mercedes quality paint finish! They even detailed my entire car, buffing and polishing it all over, and even polishing my alloy wheels!!! I am stunned and suprised. Now I have to have them redo the rest of my car, and that's O.K. by me. The whole car looked better than before the accident. YEOW...thanks Javier and Eddie!!!

BENZBEARYellowPages Review

I took my car to Qualitek based on the reviews from this site and their business report (zero complaints- pretty amazing for an auto repair business). Qualitek is ceratinly deserving of their high ratings. Four days after driving my new Mazda off the lot another driver performed an illegal u-turn into the side of my car. Their insurance (Geico) covered the claim and set me up to take my car to a shop on south Lamar that they contract with. After reading the less than stellar reviews on that establishment, I elected to find another shop. I am very glad I took it to Qualitek. Eddie handled everything from setting me up in a rental to working with the insurance company. I also found out that they handle a lot of body work for Mazda South which was a bonus. The work was completed in less time than he estimated, and my car looks like it should: brand new. The reviews on this site are true. If you need body work done in Austin, TX, take it to Qualitek.

clemn9YellowPages Review

Javier took great care of my car and the car of the woman I rear-ended. He fixed the car within the time he promised and saved me a good $500! He found the most reasonably priced parts for the other woman's car and FIXED the nearly $150 worth of damage to my car FOR FREE! Unheard of service! I highly recommend. Qualitek is in the business of helping people. Thank you Javier!

skinnygreencYellowPages Review

My Honda Element was the unfortunate victim of my driving into the car in front of me.

I took my car to Eddie and the crew at Qualitek, and didn't worry at all. Eddie called me whenever there was an issue or judgment call that needed to be made. He even insisted that I come in to check out the quality of parts!

WOW-that's really caring about the work you do, and that's harder to find these days.
My car was even ready in one week vs. the two weeks the I was quoted! That's half the time.

I cannot say enough good stuff about these guys, God forbid you need their services, but be glad they are there when you do.

Have no Fear! Qualitek is here!

Seriously, go talk to these guys, you will be glad you did.

Thanks Javier/Eddie, for providing such a great experience! I was completely happy.


pelonadorYellowPages Review

This place did A+ work on my 2007 Suzuki. I am an discerning auto enthusiast who wanted a perfect job and I was not disappointed. I have dealt with other places in the area with past vehicles and was not impressed like I was with this work. Eddie was a pleasure to deal with and even offered to do a little extra job I was wondering about for free. Overall, a great experience.

mcm303YellowPages Review

The people are great!! They did great work and when the insurance company tried to send them refurbished parts they said no and sent them back . They only accepted new parts for my car. Go and See them!

kristen77979YellowPages Review

I went in to get an estimate on some damage on my vehicle. I was amazed at the great customer service that I received and since the damage on my vehicle was minor I was able to have the repair done the same day and only had to wait about 40 min. I would refer anyone to qualitek auto body . the honesty and great customer service there is something that is hard to find now a days.

christdlg1678YellowPages Review

Qualitek?s 5-star rating on Citysearch is absolutely and richly deserved! My wife and I chose it based on the glowing Citysearch reviews we had seen, so our expectations were high--and even with our high expectations, Qualitek far exceeded them. I can?t imagine a finer quality of work and attention to detail; our car was finished sooner than they estimated and the charge was at or below their estimate?s amount; their whole approach and manner radiated integrity, honesty, and diligence in every respect; and the level of personal service we received from Javier (owner), Eddie (estimator & front desk), Javier?s brothers (key team members) and everyone else there was unparalleled in the body shop business, or, frankly, in any other business I can think of. I bought my 1997 Honda Del Sol new eleven years ago and it?s what I?ve driven ever since. The original paint job was never great (my only complaint about the car) and it had experienced a few dings and hail over the years, so after years of talking about it, I finally decided to change the color. My wife found Qualitek through Citysearch and we took the car to them that day. They told me it would be a big job--they?d need to completely disassemble and rebuild the body--but they?d be glad to take it on if I was sure I wanted it done. I said yes, absolutely, and it was a great decision--it came out looking far better than brand-new. It went from a dull, always-dirty-looking black to a bright metallic lavender that hardly shows any dirt. I?ve been driving it for 6 months now and continue to get positive comments everywhere I go. Even my friends who have auto expertise (which I don?t) and who thought I was crazy to have my eleven-year-old car?s body rebuilt wound up admitting that it came out looking absolutely great. So cheers to Javier, Eddie, and their terrific team! From my experience, they deserve every 5-star rating they get. They?re a model of how customer service in any business should be done.

rforfoYellowPages Review

I needed a paint job done on my car due to sun damage. Other body shops in Austin would not take my car since it was not accident related. The folks at Qualitek were able to take my car and were very flexible on when I could deliver my car. Once they started the job, they did a great job at communicating the status and keeping me informed. They also offered me a rate that was very affordable and less than other body shops quoted me. The paint job was completed quickly. My car looks great and like a brand new car. The work is fantastic and I would highly recommend Qualitek to anyone.

businessgirl09YellowPages Review

I recently had my 2006 BMW repaired at Qualitek and I'm so happy I did. Javier & Eddie were wonderful to work with. I promise you won't have a more positive experience anywhere in Austin!! The price was great. The work was done quickly. They did an awesome job on my car. Very high quality work. Easily the best experience I've ever had with any automotive repair. Don't even think twice. Take your ride to Qualitek & have it done right the first time (with unmatched service and professionalism).

eemmett231YellowPages Review

I wanted to pass the word around about my wonderful experience with Eddie and Qualitek. After being screwed around with at another body shop, it was such a relief to have all my car problems whisked away. It was taken care of in a timely manner and Eddie kept in constant contact with me as my car was being fixed.

I would highly recommend this body shop even if it is a little out of the way.

cehessoYellowPages Review

Great work at a great prize. If you use Qualitek you will not be disappointed. The work is better then great and it is done on time as promised. Javier and Chris are very to easy to work with and they provide this thing that not many business provide customer service. I highly recommended them and am very happy with the work they preformed on my car.

matt109YellowPages Review

They did work on my black Saab. Got the ding out at a very fair price, work done on time, very courteous, took care of some extraneous issues for me, car returned clean. very easy going and professional. recommend highly. the work was excellent.

loveb73YellowPages Review

These are my guys. I took my car to Whitakers for an estimate and was told it'd be $1100 to repair the front side panel, color match, etc. I took it to Qualitek, they estimated $700 and five days. It ended up taking four days and the final cost was $500. The car looks amazing. These guys (especially Eddie) are nice, honest and most importantly know what they're doing. Any body work I need done will go to these guys, no hesitation.

psychoegoYellowPages Review

I highly recommend Qualitek to anyone needing body repair or painting. The owner/operator Javier will make your car look like new and most importantly, is entirely trustworthy. He helped me save $250 off the original estimate, and I'm extremely satisfied with his work.

sherif81YellowPages Review

After reading the reviews I took my Toyota Highlander to Qualitek for a new front end. The quote was reasonable & in writing and best of all the work was outstanding. The paint & part match is amazing.

Qualitek was on time, on budget and they delivered.

CoastalJoeYellowPages Review

When I was going around town getting estimates on my car, Qualitek was the cheapest by about $700. It took them as long as they said it would take to fix my front end, and my car looks better now then it did before I got in the accident. They even installed a new horn in my car for free, and only charged me $80 for a new door handle. I would definitely recommend Qualitek because they are the only honest mechanics I know of in Austin.

bishop187YellowPages Review

I needed a fender and a front bumper replaced. Xavier not only did a great job, but he saved me money by fixing the plastic pieces holding the fog lights instead of replacing everything. Everyone I deal with at Qualitek was helpful.

gerrykaiYellowPages Review

These guys are the best body shop ever!!! They fixed my car faster than they said they would. They gave me a great detail on exactly what they did. The day before thanksgiving my car was finished. The store closed at 2pm and I didn't get off work till 4pm. They offered to stay open JUST SO I COULD GET MY CAR! They didn't have to do that. Work done on my car was flawless!! Don't hesitate to go to Qualitek. I will NEVER choose another body shop.

alexgelberYellowPages Review

I went to Qualitek only knowing what I read here on Citysearch after I wrecked my car and was not disappointed. The same day my car was towed in they were on the phone with me giving me a quote and two weeks later, when they handed me the keys, I had a flawless repair job with a bill $200 dollars less than originally quoted. Qualitek has a friendly staff and does great work at an affordable price, I would gladly do business with them again and suggest the same for anyone in search of a bodyshop!

williamjrobinYellowPages Review

In short, you will not find a more honest, dependable group of guys anywhere in Austin. I've had two wrecks in two months, and these guys took care of me both times. What I received in turn was world class service, a quck turnaround, and a team of trustworthy, friendly, and intelligent experts who knew what they were talking about. I really can't say much more than that. Here's to Javier, Eddie, Chris, and the rest of the Qualitek team. I don't know what I would've done without them.

brightpavilionYellowPages Review

I have had my fair share of cars plowing into me and then taking them where Honda/Acura or my insurance recommends... huge hassles every time with poor results. This time I looked up the highest rated body shop on Citysearch, which happened to be Qualitek right by my house. I took the chance and gave them my car to repair when I was out of town on business. They repainted parts of the bumber and body (no 'mechanical' damage) and when I returned, it was the repair job I'd ever seen. They matched the paint perfectly, and even washed/waxed my car and vacuumed the interior... Excellent job, and I would highly recommend them

Only con was that my break light was out on my tail light (must have been jarred while off the car) and I had to replace that. Not a big deal at all, and certainly worth the job they did.

dcdttuYellowPages Review

All the guys at Qualitek are nice, helpful, honest, and try to make your experience with them as easy as possible. When I got in my car accident, not only did I not have renters insurance, but my insurance company took FOREVER to go look at my car when qualitek found more damage. Qualitek prioritized my car and after they got the parts for it, it was done in less than a week! Chris sympathized with my situation with the insurance company and having to rent my car for so long, therefore he took 200$ of the 750$ deductable that i was supposed to pay them!!!! I dont know ANYWHERE that would do something like this. These guys are so great and really do care about providing the best customer service possible. They go way over and beyond anyones expectations. this was my second time to take my car to them, and while I hope not to get in anymore wrecks, if I do, Qualitek is definitely the place I would take my car again without a doubt!

rockinrobin587YellowPages Review

These guys go way above and beyond for their customers. I made a claim through Geico to have the front end of my new ?07 Accord repaired. After reading the poor reviews on Geico?s ?strongly recommended? shop (Caliber Collision Center) , I decided to use Qualitek for their strong ratings ? I?m glad I did. Although Geico refused to use anything else except ?alternative parts? on my car, Chris at Qualitek refused to use anything but OEM parts on my new car. Chris took the money that Geico paid him for the refurbished parts and cut his profits by purchasing the more expensive OEM parts at no additional cost to me. The car looked perfect! These guys have amazing customer service and know exactly what they are doing. You can?t go wrong with these guys!! With the insurance companies encouraging you to go to their recommend shop to ensure good quality is done on your car REALLY MEANS to ensure the insurance company spends the least amount of money by making sure the cheapest stuff gets put on your car. Thank you, Qualitek!!!

gresteYellowPages Review

Javier and Chris are professional and friendly. They answered all my questions thoroughly. The estimate was accurate and I didn't feel like they were "suckering" me. The job was done well at a reasonable price.

farahptYellowPages Review

I'm certain that Javier and his team at Qualitek have raised the bar of my service and workmanship expectations from auto body repair shop to unrealistic levels. It was refreshing to be completely satisfied with all aspects of an auto body repair job. These guys were honest, courteous, on-time, on budget and the quality of their work was impeccable!

jtmaxYellowPages Review

okay, i am not sure why this place is not a solid 10 rating. i think the folks who wrote reviews all picked highly recommended, except for a couple average and one recommended (which i believe were user errors if you read what they wrote). this place ROCKS!! chris & javier are the BOMB! i had another estimate and qualitek was the winner with a totally fair price, GREAT work.....& to top that, they promised to have the car ready in less time than any of the other folks. i love finding places like this where the owners take pride in their work and care about the customer experience. the guys in the shop all wave and say hello. it was one of the best car experiences i have ever had. i will definitely recommend qualitek to everyone.

courtneylv70YellowPages Review

I brought my 2005 Nissan Altima in for repair after reading the reviews posted here - and boy was I glad I did. Everything posted here about the shop and Chris, and the work these guys is true! From the moment I called Chris to let him know my car was coming in, to the moment I drove the car off, I knew they were working for me, and were going to keep working until my car was good as new. Chris was knowledgable, and friendly- did everything he said he would - and even tried to do more. When my car was ready (earlier than quoted), it looked better than it did when I drove it off the dealer's lot the first time. Everyone who has seen my car since the accident has said the same thing. Congratulations to this great team - I know you'll keep up the good work. And I can guarantee you I'll be back should the need arise - and I'll be sending everyone I know your direction too!

sweetsgrlYellowPages Review

Qualitek is a great body shop that will get your car looking like new in good time.


The main reason you should go with Qualitek is because they'll work for you, not the insurance company. Chris and Javier will make every effort to fix your car and to get your insurance to cover it.


You can go to any body shop you want, so why not go to the best?

If you want the best service and don't want to pay anything extra, go to Qualitek.

My new Saab 9-3 had bad front-end damage, I simply left my car with Chris and went out of town for a week. When I came back my car was like new, detailed and everything. All I had to do was just sign some papers and Chris took care of the rest with my insurance and even saved me some on my deductible.

One of the other great things about Qualitek is that they do everything they say they will. If they say they'll call you the next day or take a look at something for you, they'll do it exactly like they said. They're also very easy to get in touch with.

Next time something happens to my car I won't even think twice about going back to Qualitek.

vk22YellowPages Review

I appreciate the great work Qualitek Auto Body did on my 2004 Niss 350ZX. I was afraid the car would never be the same but after driving it for three months I can say the car is as perfect as it was before the accident. Chris handled everything for me, All I had to do was speak to the insurance one time and he handled the rest.
I have done business with Qualitek for about ten years now and have always been treated with respect and courtesy. All the employees go above and beyond to make sure my vehicles are fixed right the first time.

Thanks again to Javier and Chris and all the guys at Qualitek, I would recomend their work to anybody.

Lou CalderonYellowPages Review

I was rear-ended recently and my vehicle sustained fairly severe damage. I nearly made a horrible mistake and chose a larger chain to take my car in for repairs. Luckily, I just happened to read the reviews here on CitySearch and decided to take a chance on a small independant body shop. I could not be happier with the results! Everyone at Qualitek was extremely nice and helpful and they made absolute certain only the best possible replacement parts were used to repair my car. Their work is 100% guaranteed for LIFE. If you care about your vehicle, Qualitek is the only place in Austin you should go!

A HUGE thank you to Chris and the rest of the guys that made this nerve-wracking experience of being in an accident a whole lot easier. I know I wouldn't have been taken care of better anywhere else!

lmendoliaYellowPages Review

This a great place to have your car repaired! The staff is very friendly and helpful, and they fixed my car very quickly. They even called me a few times to update me on the status of my car. If you need automobile service, go to Qualitek. I am so happy with their service.

girlgekYellowPages Review

Not only did I get my truck back looking new (and a week before they had estimated), but Chris also saved me $300 from my deductible. The guys are great & reliable.

aznsweetyYellowPages Review

I scratched and dented my brand new Lexus and took it into Qualitex for an estimate along with two other body shops. Not only was Chris' estimate at Qualitek the most affordable, he did a great job of explaining exactly what they would have to do and how much each step would cost. Everyone at the shop seemed very friendly and proud of the work that they did. They fit me in right away and delivered the car back to me when they said they would, and it looked brand new again! If I need any more paint or body work, I will definitely take it back to Qualitek.

stb1YellowPages Review

I accidentally scratched my 2006 Black Murrano , which needed the back door to be replaced besides some other dents. Chris provided me a very good conservative estimate. The car was promised on a Monday and I got it on Friday (3 days earlier) which was a very nice surprise.

The work on the car was flawless and it looked like brand new out of a dealership. I definitely paid less than what I had expected with excellent work. I would very highly recommend this bodyshop.

mnlatifYellowPages Review

I am new to the area, so after I was in a car accident I was nervous about getting my car fixed because it is hard to find a trustworthy place that provides quality service. But that is exactly what you will receive at Qualitek. Both Chris and Javier were extremely helpful. They told me straight about what I was going to need to get done and offered to find me the best price on the parts for my car. When I picked up my car, I couldn't believe it! Its a 99 (not so new), but when i picked it up it looked brand new!! I have only good things to say about Qualitek. Chris and Javier were both extremely nice gentlemen. This autoshop provides the best quality work in the city, not to mention that it is also the most credible. I will go back to Chris and Javier with no hesitation and recommend them to anyone whose car is in need of repair. Thanks!!

ef333YellowPages Review

Qualitek is without a doubt the best body shop in town. period.

Just thought that i would mention that qualitek repaired my automobile in record time and did a flawless job. these guys are a professional outfit that make you feel welcome and comfortable every step of the way. i did tons of research looking for a body shop that i felt was capable of repairing an automobile of my cars calibre. i cannot stress on how good of a job qualitek actually did. mad props guys. special thanks to chris and javier. you guys are awsome. thanks again. my car looks and handles better than any lambo.

matthewlewisYellowPages Review

I went to Qualitek before going to the insurance company's provider after reading various online reviews. I was immediately impressed with Chris's explanations and intelligence, and got his estimate.

When I went to the insurance company's appraiser/provider, it was immediately apparent that they only worked for the insurance company, not for the customer. I took the insurance appraisal to Qualitek and had old-fashioned customer service, competence, and friendliness that I didn't think existed in today's world. Chris took care of the rental car, worked with the insurance, gave me a good price, and the car looks like new.

Just as I was leaving, Chris noticed some "scratches" on my trunk where I had been putting things on it. It was late afternoon, closing time, but Chris,the manager, and Javier, the owner, were buffing the trunk until it too was perfect. I said this is as good as it gets: the manager and the owner working to make things perfect. They said, "We work as a team. We work for the customers." And they do.

I highly recommend using their services. I hope I don't have to be back soon, but if I ever need any body work or painting to be done, I wouldn't consider going to any place but Qualitek.

YellowPages Review

The folks at Qualitek really took care of me. After someone tried to park in the same space as me, I needed a door panel fixed up. They gave me a fair estimate (compared to 3 others) and told me he could have it done in 3days. The car was done when they said it would be and the quality of the work is amazing. Too bad something bad has to happen to my car for me to utilize their services!

clydezzzYellowPages Review

Chris at Qualitek got the parts for my repair same day and I had my car back the next day. The insurance company had the wrong info on the check for payment when I dropped off my car and Chris took care of everything. He had a rental co. pick me up within minutes and contacted the insurance company without me having to wait around. When I went to pick up my car the next day Qualitek already had the corrected check from the insurance co. and my car was good as new. I would definitely use them again!

tweez8976YellowPages Review

My 2006 Accord was side swiped and the folks at Qualitek took great care of me and my car. The claimant's insurance company tried to get me to go to one of their "prefered" shops, but I couldn't have made a better decision than to ignore them and go here. I was kept up to date and the job was finished ahead of schedule. The work is top notch and I was walked through every detail of the repair to ensure my satisfaction. I highly recommend this shop.

rustytromboneYellowPages Review

First and foremost, let me begin by saying I am a very satisfied customer! I spoke with (your manager). He was very professional, knowledgeable and certainly answered all of my questions. The old paint job on my 16-year-old car could not have been worse. The end result of the new paint job looks better than when I purchased the car when it was brand new in 1985.

neilpeterson66YellowPages Review

My car looks brand new! The work they did was amazing! The staff is very professional and customer-oriented. They answered all of my questions and I got my car back in the time they said it would take to complete the job.

lisaberrymanYellowPages Review

I was rear-ended a few months back and my bumper was a mess. I took my car to Qualitek and they did a fantastic job. My car looks like new again and the price was very affordable. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for quality work on their car.

lgaines1962YellowPages Review

I dropped off my wife's 1998 Dodge Caravan after an accident and was amazed with the work that was done on it. It looks even better than it did prior to the accident! Qualitek did a tremendous job! They are very customer-oriented and handled everything like professionals. I recommend Qualitek to anyone seeking quality, affordable auto body paint and repair.

wilbertkingYellowPages Review

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